How to Add A Showcase Listing

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Dear Massage Therapist or Bodyworker or Advertiser,
We are committed to making the listing process easy and understandable so we are providing a tutorial taking you through the process, step by step. If there is still a problem, please email us and we will email or call back as soon as possible depending on the situation.

What is a Showcase Listing with MassageGPS?

Placing a Showcase Listing with is like having a website within the directory. The functionality is as good as or better than many websites. As a therapist, you can upload a video, you can provide potential clients with a link your own website, a link to your email, send clients an email from your listing, have a photo gallery, description of services and hours etc, google map, promotional coupons, ratings and more from your listing all of provided with MassageGPS.

How do I signup with MassageGPS’ Showcase Listing?

1.)    Clicking on the "Advertise With Us" or "Sign Up" buttons will take you to the Listing Options page.
 2.)    Select “Listing Options” ( Although there are four levels for placing your listing we highly recommend getting the full benefits of MassageGPS by signing up for the Showcase listing.)
 3.)    Select the "Sign Up” button, the next page is the Listing Features. The top one is the Showcase Listing. 
 4.)    Select a Package. The default listing is the Showcase. Click on the green “Order Now” button. 
 5.)    In the first box you will create a Username. Choose one that you will remember. This is how you sign back in to manage your listing.
 6.)    In the next two boxes you will create a Password. Again, choose one that is easy to remember. If you forget this, you can email and we will send you an email with a new password.
 7.)    Check box Agree with the Terms of Use”.
 8.)    Under “Listing Information”you will see a box for “Title.” The “Title”box is where your Name and/ or Business Name goes!This box will enable potential and current customers to search for you more easily. If you choose to make a Listing with your business name be sure that your business name is well known and your clients know it. ***If you aren't sure, list your name or first name and/or last initial and the Business Name in the Title. Most clients remember their Therapists’ Namesmore readily than their Business Names. If you work within another business such as a chiropractor you can list both your name and the chiropractic office name (be sure to discuss this with the other business owner) so you can be found within that location. You can place your business name and or your name in the keywords. We’ll discuss keywords later on.
 9.)    If you don’t have a Promotional Code, leave this box blank.
 10.)  Categories and Subcategories. Select the “plus” sign on the Categorythat most accurately describes your main area of practice. When the Subcategories box drops down you may choose up to three of these in the Showcase Listing.
 11.)  Select Submit.  


The next section is the information that will be seen by the public!

1.)    The next page will have your Name or “Listing Title” in the top box. Decide if you want your Business Name or Your Namein this area. Next, enter the email address clients use to contact you.
 2.)    Enter your website URL(optional). This allows clients have an active link to your website from your listing! This link to your website is available at all listing levels except the FREElevel.
 3.)    Enter Phone and fax numbers. These are the numbers that clients to use to contact you!
 4.)    Enter your Business Address.NOTE: If your office is in your home or other private area, you may choose to list only the street name, the neighborhood it’s in or leave it out completely. And list only the City, State and Country information. 
5.)    EnterFriendly URL– for Therapists with their own website, this information explains how to add a URL that allows you to be found on
        6.)    Upload an Image- Add an image to your site. Note the pixel size and only JPEG or GIF images.
7.)     Video Snippet Code– If you have a short youtube video to insert into your listing, this is the place to put it in your listing. Note pixel limit.
 8.)    You may add additional contenthere for your listing.
 9.)    Summary description– This is a basic description of your business (Ex:“Wellness Center Specializing in Shiatsu, Deep Tissue and Hot Stone Massage”). 
 10.)  Full Description– This is a complete explanation of what your business offers. You may go into detail here. List your techniques, specialties, prices, description of your location, promotions and whether you take Visa, MC or checks can help customers decide if your listing is a fit for their needs!! 
 11.)  Keywords – 10 max. This particular function sets apart from all other search services. We allow clients to search for a therapist by keywords including their individual name(s) rather than JUST zip code or city. You can maximize this feature by adding any keywords that will help in the search for your listing!! Add one keyword per line. Here is where you can enter your first and/or last name and your business name if you didn’t list it in the "Title" area. When a client enters a keyword search, any terms listed in this area will be returned in the search results. It might be a good idea to put your name, nickname or other word that is easily identified with your business. This will help clients locate your listing faster and easier. Keywords are Not visible to the public. They help the search function find words in your listing that are specific to your business. It is important to spell these words correctly in order for the search function to locate your listing!!
 12.)  Hours of work– May have “By appt only” or specific hours.
 13.)  Locations– If you have more than one location, list them here.
 14.)  Category path– Click on the category to see any subcategories that may be associated with your listing.
 15.)  If you entered a Promotional Codeit should be in this box.
 16.)  Select Submit  


Once your listing has been approved for content and proofed by, an email confirming that your listing is Active will be generated. 


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