FAQs About MassageGPS.com for SUBSCRIBERS

FAQ's about MassageGPS.com for MTs and Bodyworkers
Why is the directory almost empty?
We launched in late 2009. We aim to personally contact every MT and Bodyworker we can to get our site populated. Unlike other directories, we are a managed website directory and want only professional, qualified Massage Therapists and Bodyworkers listed with us. Our Staff is comprised of many MTs who are dedicated to creating a comprehensive directory of high quality MTs and Bodyworkers who want to grow their business or keep an online presence. We are looking to our members to help us get the word out about our site. Share your listing with your clients, friends and other MTs and Bodyworkers!!
What is the benefit of listing with MassageGPS?
Another good question! We are optimized for Google Searches and have the potential to reach tens of thousands, if not hundreds of thousands of potential and active clients for therapists through a centralized website. From our site subscribers at the All listing levels, except the FREE level, can make a link to your own website through MassageGPS, as well as send email from your Listing. Clients find MassageGPS easily which helps them locate you, their therapist, through name, city, zip code, technique, promotions or category searches much more effectively than searching for a single website name for a single business for which they may not remember the exact name or address. From the MassageGPS site the client can easily link to your website or email and make referrals about you to others all in one place!!
The other benefit for MTs is: you now have a centralized location to find equipment, sell equipment, find jobs, classes, list your promotions or connect with other MTs and Bodyworkers through email contact and our Blog. MassageGPS also keeps its Users informed via the Articles section and our Blog. As this site grows we will continue to add features and functions that make using MassageGPS automatic for your clients and you due to the ease of use and functionality of the site!    
If I am Already Listed with Another Directory Why Should I List with MassageGPS?
MassageGPS is dedicated to helping Massage Therapist be Seen and Grow Their Businesses! We are a managed, professional website. All listings are reviewed before being activated by our staff. Listings aren't "imported" to our site from other directories. MassageGPS only Lists Massage Therapy Businesses or Massage Therapists/Bodyworkers.
We offer an Extensive List of Functionalities not found with other Online Directories. They include:
Ability to Connect by Email and through Contact Link in Listing to current and prospective clients- this function allows you to connect to clients 24 hrs/day and helps filter unwanted potential clients before scheduling an appt.
Link to Your Business Website through your Listing at Every Level except the Free Level
Ability to List Your Promotions and Coupons Online through your listing. Clients click on your coupon and can print them from home or office before their appt.
Full Description of Your Business
Customize Your Listing Using Your Business Logo or Images
Photo Gallery
Video Snippet
Client Ratings
Google Maps
Clients Locate Your Business through Category, Technique, City, State, Zip Code, Promotion or Referral
MassageGPS Blog Link
Connection with Other MTs or Bodyworkers
Find Jobs, Equipment, Classes and Massage Related Items in Events or Classified Ads
Keep Up to Date with Current Issues in the field of Massage and Bodywork through the Articles area and MassageGPS Blog
Google Search Engine Optimized
A MassageGPS Showcase Level Listing is like a MiniWebsite for only pennies a day with the Showcase Listing of $99.99/yr (Much less than the cost of maintaining and hosting  your own business website)  Minimal Listing Level is FREE!!
Easy, Secure Payment Gateway through Authorize.Net
Ability for Your Current Clients to Refer Your Business to Others via Email link
Icons within Your Listing that link to Accumulators such as DiggIt, Stumbleupon, SlashDot, Furl, Fark, Technorati and more
Direct Link to Your Listing
Manage Your Listing Content with Your own Username and Password
Ability to Talk to a Real Person about Your Listing as well as Email
MassageGPS Values Our Subscribers Opinions and Input Regarding the Website and Massage and Bodyworkers Unique Business Needs. Email Us Your Comments and Ideas!
Where can I get more information on placing a listing?
In the Advertise with Us section at the top of the page is a link - How to Place a Showcase Listing - this explains in detail the most complex listing. Other listing levels are fairly easy to place. If you have questions, the Showcase Listing Link explains each aspect of the Listing process in detail, use this link for reference.
Why doesn't my Listing Show Up immediately after I submit it?
Because MassageGPS reviews each listing for content and accuracy (as much as possible) before activating it. If there is a problem we will email you to get it corrected before activation.
I can't see the image I uploaded in the preview area.
If the image is the correct size and file type ie. JPEG, GIF etc and the pixel size fits withing the image area your image should show in the preview and the listing. Click submit and return to the listing information area to see the preview. If it isn't showing and you know it was entered correctly, continue with placing the listing. We will review and activate it within 48'. If you don't see the image when the listing is active, contact us and we will work with you to correct the problem.
Why is it taking a while to see my listing?
As mentioned above, each listing is reviewed and individually activated by our staff. We may have a large number of listings submitted and it is taking some time to review a activate them all. Please be patient. We should have your listing activated within 2 business days!! Thank you for your understanding!!

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