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Quantum Healing BodyWorks

Professional Massage and Bodywork Practitioner Seal of Approval Quality Assurance Editor's Choice for Relaxation

514 North 3rd Street Twin Cities Minneapolis, Minnesota 55401

Metaphysical Healing and Intergrative Bodywork
Acupressure Cupping
Ear Coning
Deep Tissue
Joint Movement
Pre.Post Natal
Mantra Healing

t: view phone612.823.5801

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Quantum Healing BodyWorks offers the following products and/or services:
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Quantum Healing Bodyworks
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Tanya Tobalyas Moore - Expertise is as Listed :

Energy Balancing and Attunement
Metaphysical Healing - Long Distance Healing
Mantra Meditations
Buddha Medicine
Violet Flame
Dolphin Wave Effect

Joint Movement
Acupressure Cupping
Ear Cone Therapy
PrePost Natal
Magnet Therapy
Deep Tissue
Lymph Drainage

Recieved Empowerments -
Under the Guidance of His Holiness the Lama H.H. Sakya Trizin -
He is a highly accomplished Buddhist master respected by all four schools of Tibetan Buddhism and teaches widely throughout the world. He has bestowed the extensive Lam Dre teaching cycle, which is the most important teaching of the Sakya Order over 18 times on various continents, and also transmitted major initiation cycles such as “Collection of All the Tantras”, and the “Collection of all the Sadhanas”, which contain almost all of the empowerments for the esoteric practices of the various schools of Tibetan Buddhism to hundreds of lineage holders in the next generation of Buddhist teachers.

Recieved Empowerments & Initiations by lineage of Lama Chagdud Tulku Rinpoche -
He is a Tibetan Buddhist who is also a doctor of Tibetan medicine and an accomplished storyteller, singer, and artist.

Vajrasattva - is the manifestation of the purity of body, speech, and mind of all the Buddhas. As a meditational deity Vajrasattva is visualized as an expression of mind's pure essence. In this way negativities and obscurations are cleansed allowing Buddha nature to manifest. As a Bodhisattva, Vajrasattva saw that all beings suffered because of their negative karma and made a vow to free all beings of this karma.

Recieved Empowerments by The Medicine Buddha Initiation -
This is a transmission received from a qualified tantric master allowing a disciple to engage in the practices of the Medicine Buddha. He is a Blue-hued Buddha, one of empowerment, embracing aspects of Buddha’s grace in the shape of dynamic healing energies and blessings. His deep lapis blue hues and rays shine onto and into the physical, psychological and emotional bodies for good health and wellbeing. Good health and wellbeing are the very foundation for spiritual excellence. Medicine Buddha is invoked to merge into our being as a balancing force to heal ourselves as well as others. He is the Bodhisattva Physician of well-being and vitality.

Recieved Empowerments & Teachings by Lama Tsering -
Under Chagdud Rinpoche's supervision, Lama Tsering completed a three year retreat in 1995 and was ordained as a lama in the same year. In her ordination, Rinpoche said that she is an emanation of Tara and a realization holder of the Red Tara lineage.

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Twin Cities

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Quantum Healing BodyWorks


Outstanding!! Star OnStar OnStar OnStar OnStar On - 12/18/2009 19:18:17
D. McGee from Minneapolis, MN
I have been getting treatments for several years now and highly recommend her. She is so talented with the gifts of healing, relaxation, and intuition.

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